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Third time. The charm? March 24, 2012

Posted by Merrilee in Uncategorized.

Although I’ve been thinking about blogging a lot, I haven’t been. I don’t know why. Since my last posting, I’ve run in three different races and done a bunch of travel, but haven’t been able to bring myself to write about any of it. I’ve also been sick, since about mid February (hmm, right around the time of my first race). Like, very sick — lots of coughing, nonstop running nose and plugged ears. I finally went to the doctor on Wednesday. No surprise (in retrospect, I suppose) I have had a sinus infection. Who knew — I’ve never had a sinus infection before. Now, after several days on antibiotics, I am feeling half human again. Which brings me tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the third annual Oakland Running Festival. MerrileeIAm fans may recall that this blog was used to document my experiences training for the first ORF (up to the point where I dropped out). And the second ORF (up to the point where I dropped out at the last minute). Perhaps because of this, this whole training season, I’ve been very cautious about reporting successes, as I have in the past. I’ll admit it, I’m kind of superstitious. And because of that, (and because of the terrible cold) for the last week, I’ve had a feeling of dread — I’m not going to get better, I’m going to have to drop out again!

But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’m pleased to report that I have my bib, I have my chocolate Gu, and my clothes are in the dryer. I’m going to have dinner with some of the other pacers and racing team mates. I am pretty resigned that I am not going get the PR I was hoping for, and it will almost certainly be raining tomorrow. But you know what? I’m going to run the Oakland half! And that’s a good thing.



1. Paul Constantine - March 25, 2012

You will do fine; chocolate Gu is good; I prefer plain though. Let me know how you do. Have fun!!
–paul constantine

2. PM - March 25, 2012

Fantastic! i am very proud of you; you’ve got a lot of spirit. i hope it’s a blast and i hope you’ll write about it when you’re done.

3. Dominique Plante - March 25, 2012

Have a great run Merrilee!

I also love chocolate gu 🙂

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