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The future January 30, 2012

Posted by Merrilee in Family, Running.

I’m in a space now where I’m waiting on the outcome of a number of things. It’s making me feel kind of inbetween. In a short space, I’ll know the outcome, and I hope this will end the inbetween-ness. Because inbetween is weird. Some examples of being inbetween:

Our daily routine:  Oakland has an open school application process — anyone can apply to any public school. Since Karydis starts school in the fall, we went through a selection process and applied to two schools. One is our neighborhood school, one is a school that’s a little further away. We’ll find out in March. I’m not so concerned about the school (I’m pretty confident we’ll get into the neighborhood school and if we don’t we’ll deal with it). It’s more the uncertainty of what life will be like next year with a Kindergartener and what impact it will have on our relatively lovely schedule. The new beginning is exciting, but also feels like the beginning of the end. So in March we’ll know the outlines of this part of our future, but not the particulars.

Our summer: For the last 8 years, we’ve gone to Burning Man. Normally by this time of the year, I’d have my tickets in hand. This year, like almost everyone else, we’re in limbo. There will be a ticket drawing on either Tuesday or Wednesday and from what I’ve heard, there’s a good chance we won’t get tickets. There will probably be good avenues for getting tickets through a managed process but who really knows. School conflicts with the event, and I’m conflicted about going at all (and if going, when to go). So this is a multistage inbetween — a mechanical piece (getting the tickets) and a logistical / decisionmaking piece. I’m not enjoying either one at the moment. At some point it will gel.

Racing/running/training: For the last several years I’ve had a nice training schedule. Train for the Oakland Running Festival half marathon, get injured, take the rest of the year to recover. 🙂 I think this year will be different (because I’ve changed my habits, as I’ve detailed in this blog) but who knows? I’m going to start my track training this week, and I might run in the Kaiser half marathon next weekend (still unsettled). And if and when I do race, can I actually get faster? If I can’t, will this kill my motivation? My enjoyment? Send me in another direction? I’ve also signed up for a month of fitness training at a small local gym, just hoping to shake things up but will be giving up my yoga practice to do this. A journey? A detour? It starts next week.



1. RoseRunner - January 30, 2012

The unknown! Exciting in some ways. If you are feeling strong and uninjured, go for the Kaiser half! You can take it as a good indicator of what to do in between now and the Oakland running festival. Which I am so excited for. Nothing better than a 9:00 a.m. race right at your front door!

p.s. don’t ever worry about getting me out of my “zone” — I was so glad you said hi today!

2. Merrilee - January 30, 2012

Thanks, Rosie ;-). As liberal as I am politically, I’m quite conservative about change (which is why I’ve lived in the same spot for so long, and why I stay in jobs a long time). You are good at embracing the moment (and I’ve appreciated this in your blog). Much to learn in this life.

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