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Old year, new year January 16, 2012

Posted by Merrilee in Family, Running.

Last year I think I made some resolutions (on Facebook) but now I can’t find them — I think they are lost in the cloud (boo). I can recall one that lasted about a week, involving not drinking alcohol on weekdays, but I don’t recall the others. Maybe I didn’t live up to my expectations in that instance, but I did learn a lot in 2011. Here’s a small list of what I learned and what I did:

  • A sample running plan is just that — it’s important to know your own body and go with what it (not a piece of paper) tells you. I shouldn’t run two days in a row, period. On the other hand, if I push myself I really can run close to an 8 minute mile in a 5K.
  • I still love being Karydis’ mom and I think she likes me, too. Sometimes we just sit and grin at one another.
  • Wow, I’ve been going to yoga week in and week out since November 2010. I think that’s something, don’t you?
  • When traveling, it’s better to find an apartment or house to rent, rather than staying in a hotel. And airbnb.com rocks.
  • I’m in my second year of being a pace group leader for the Oakland Running Festival training program. I love doing that.
  • I ditched my New Yorker subscription about 18 months ago, and have read a ton of books since then. Now that I have a Kindle Fire, and can check out books any time I want, I’m pretty much unstoppable.
  • Adding pasta water to pasta and sauce really does make everything stick together.

Here’s what I hope this year will bring:

  • Running: I’d like to do 3-4 half marathons, and I aim to do as many of the LMJS Fourth Sunday Runs as I can. I also hope to go to track workouts, starting in a few weeks.
  • Just being: I’m a person who frequently jumps up and intervenes. I’ve been practicing just sitting back and observing. I’d like to do more of this.
  • Cross training: yoga and running are good, but I do need to do some weights and also to get my legs moving in other ways.
  • Kindergarten: this year marks the beginning of school for our daughter. I know this will be both an opportunity and a challenge for all of us.
  • Environment: at the end of last year, I started experimenting with taking the BART and bus to work (or, to a place that’s a 15 minute walk from work). It’s a moderate disruption from what I’m used to and definitely less convenient but has other upsides, so I hope to stick with it.

What about you? What do you hope to see or do in 2012?



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