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Clarksburg Half, the night before November 15, 2011

Posted by Merrilee in Running.

I don’t remember the gun, or the first few miles. I’m a few miles into the race (2? 3? who knows) and somehow I’m all on my own — the speedy people are way ahead and I know there are slower people behind me, but I don’t know how far back. I’ve been anxious about this course because there are a lot of turns (even though it’s essentially out and back). So I’m not sure where the course goes and it’s not marked at all. I could let someone who was slower than me and knows the way catch up, but I really want a PR.

Because I don’t know the course, I do wind up getting lost. For example, on one occassion, I go into someone’s garage and into their living room when of course the course goes into the garage and right back out (silly me). After a lot of going in and out of houses, my Garmin is no help and I’m not sure what my pace is because I haven’t seen any mile markers in a while.

To make matters worse, my period has started and I am wearing the light grey shorts I thought I got rid of. I know I’m sporting a giant obvious bloodstain, but I’m trying to just play it cool.

I head into a building and realize I’m in a hotel and it just so happens that there’s a professional conference I somehow forgot about. I’m there just in time for a working group meeting, so I go. It’s nice to see everyone, but I’m kind of stressed about getting back to the race. Everyone is caught up in preliminary chit chat and I keep trying to break into the conversation and ask that we cover business (since it won’t take very long). Because, see, I’m in the middle of running a half marathon and all of this is cutting into my time, and I’m not sure where the course goes so I’m bound to get lost some more.

I’m definitely not going to PR, but I have a really good excuse.

Then I wake up. It’s 1 am on Sunday morning. Only four more hours for anxiety dreams.

How many of you have pre race anxiety dreams?

I’ll continue with the real Clarksburg soon, but I had to get that out before I forgot. It’s amazing how vivid it still is.



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