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Going the distance? October 23, 2011

Posted by Merrilee in Uncategorized.

So I did finish the Humboldt Half. I didn’t know what to expect and had kind of sort of been aiming for something “around 2 hours.” My time was 2:00:14. Of course I’m disappointed that I didn’t dip below the magical 2 hour mark. This is silly, but typical.

Realistically speaking I’m in the top percentile of people in the country in terms of speed and distance (my logic is that there are tons of people who don’t run at all and plenty who don’t run much). Instead of being content with this, I focus on what I’m not. For example, I’m not any of the three women I carpooled with to the race. One started running three years ago and has done “only” 4 marathons. Another has been running for 20 some years and has done 21 or 22 marathons (it’s not that she’s lost count, I can’t recall). The third woman had done 11 regular marathons — and a similar number that were part of triathlons.

So let’s get something straight — I do not consider myself marathon material (although I’m a tiny bit tempted by the New York Marathon). I think the half is a perfect distance for me. I have reached the point where I do not consider an 8-10 mile run to be particularly long or challenging — I only need to be sure I can carve the time out of my schedule to do it. I am a little intimidated by people who seems to know just what to do: training, tapering, dressing, pacing, what to eat the night before, what to eat the morning before, what to do after… I know I will get there. Unless I get eaten up by trying to be better every time. It’s just not realistic. But I do like having a goal on the horizon.

I think my main challenge is going to be to enjoy the process, and not to be fixed on the outcome, if that makes any sense.

And speaking of having a goal, I’m aiming to run in the Clarksburg Half on November 13th.



1. bananaoilmovies - October 26, 2011

While I don’t expect you to really remember me at all (met you at RBMS via Jennifer S.), I follow you on Twitter and just found your blog and am so excited to see that you’re blogging about running. I just started in June and am now kind of obsessed.

Major congrats on finishing a half-marathon!! That’s my goal for next October …

Merrilee - October 26, 2011

Thanks! I love running blogs (and I’m going to be blogging more about running blogs soon) so stay tuned! It’s easy to get obsessed with running. In Baton Rouge I was dragging anyone who would go out with me onto the levy. Let’s go running in San Diego!

2. bananaoilmovies - October 26, 2011

If you’re ever on the East Coast, look me up! 🙂

3. Clarksburg half, race review « MerrileeIAm - November 16, 2011

[…] the Clarksburg Half. It wasn’t just about the course, it was about doubt. When I ran the Humboldt Half, I was a blank slate. Finishing would be good, and finishing “around 2 hours” would be […]

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