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Whose idea was this? January 24, 2011

Posted by Merrilee in LMJS.

On Saturday, I felt great. I ran 8 miles, up some significant hills (and maintained my 10 minute training pace). On Sunday, I felt great, and I went to yoga class at Barefoot Yoga. Many, many sun salutations later, I was spanked! Now I am faced with a 5 mile run which I’m supposed to do today, and a 4 mile run tomorrow morning. I just don’t feel like I have the energy. I feel like I need the rest.

It’s not the long weekend runs that are challenging. I enjoy the Saturday runs, the company, and the beautiful weather we’ve been having. The midweek runs which are getting longer and are getting me down. It’s the midweek runs that make me question the wisdom of the people who put together the training plan.

Of course, I am the one who decided to follow the “advanced” plan and also the one who is piling yoga on top of running (I’m currently attending 2-3 classes per week). So while I can question the training plan, I can also question my own choices.



1. Elaine - January 26, 2011

Hey, girl — I think of the training plan as a set of rough guidelines, not gospel. I was so trashed after running from Martinez to Crockett two weeks ago that I only did one 5-miler between that Saturday and the next. If the body says “no” and means it, then “no” it is, with no guilt allowed. There’s no doubt–you’re running strong!

2. Merrilee - January 27, 2011

Hey Elaine thanks for the support! I was really questioning things on Monday, Tuesday morning was better, and by Tuesday night yoga class (which I considered skipping all together) I felt strong and restored to my former self. I will admit to clinging to the training guidelines like a liferaft, because I’ve come so far and want to get the rest of the way there.

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