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A royal pain April 18, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in Uncategorized.

I don‘t know exactly how or when this happened, but Karydis has become completely princess obsessed. As in Disney Princesses. I suppose it started with the Little Mermaid (my fault, I bought the DVD it a long time ago, before I caught on to how much better Pixar is). Karydis acts out dialogue between Eric and Ariel in the car and in the bath (which is pretty funny since they can’t even have a conversation with one another until the last few minutes of the movie). She knows all the lyrics to all the songs, and belts them out quite earnestly. She has also taken to fetchingly arranging herself on rocks when the opportunity presents itself, and I only realized today that this is an homage to Ariel.

About two weeks ago, I became aware of a new princess, Cinderella. This is interesting, because we don’t have the movie, or the book, or the figures, or anything Cinderella related. There is a Cinderella dress in circulation at school, and I imagine maybe some of the other kids have clued her into the story, or maybe they actually have a book there. All I know is that Karydis suddenly knows all the Princesses by name, knows what colors their signature dresses are, and favors Cinderella. I have also learned that if you search for “Cinderella coloring sheet” you can take your pick of line drawings ready to be colored in. We have blown through a few blue markers because Karydis has not only carefully colored Cinderella’s dress on each coloring sheet, but also her skin, hair, and other details. Today she logged about two solid hours industriously coloring away. Each time she ran out of sheets, she’d drag me back to the printer and point out exactly which images she’d like to have printed out. Her criteria for coloring sheets involve as much gown as possible, and having a prince is also a bonus. Head shots are the least favorite, and forget about images that do not include a princess.

I never quite imagined myself with a princess obsessed daughter, but have to admit I am kind of enjoying it.



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