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I’m back! April 12, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in LMJS.

I haven’t wanted to jinx myself, but I’m back to running. I started almost a month ago, when I was in Washington and staying with my mother-in-law, Lanny. The weather was just beautiful, and I always enjoy running in her Chevy Chase neighborhood, with it’s just-right mix of sidewalks and mostly flat but some rolling hills terrain. I set off telling myself if I hurt, I’d come back right away, and I wouldn’t go for more than 20 minutes. Well, I ran 20 minutes two days in a row, with a minimum of soreness. Since then, I’ve been very, very gradually increasing the distance and frequency. Yesterday I did 4.5 miles of very hilly roads in my neighborhood, and seriously pushed myself. I followed up with over an hour of weeding, and today I feel terrific.

I credit this all to 1) weight training, which I’ve been very good about and 2)glucosamine and fish oil. My “crispy” knees hardly ever make noise anymore, and feel better than they have in years.  I don’t know exactly what’s made the difference, but I don’t care to experiment by dropping one or the other.

I’ve signed up to do the Tilden Tough Ten in May. I wish I had a group to train with, and really miss the camaraderie of the LJMS group on Saturdays. On the other hand, I don’t miss having to get up early, and like going right out my front door (where I have plenty of hilly terrain which is perfect for my training).



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