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Hanging up my shoes February 20, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in LMJS.

My running shoes, that is.

I went running yesterday, just a short two miler, and the end result was not good. I’ve been limping around for the last 24 hours, and I’m ready to face the facts. I’m just not going to run in the Oakland Marathon. This is worse than a sprain, and I need to let it rest and get better. Running is only aggravating the situation. Goodbye Lake Merritt Joggers and Striders, at least for now. When I’m better you will see me at a Fourth Friday run.

I’m sorry to let go of this goal. As therapy, I indulged myself in thirty minutes on the recumbent bike this evening, an issue of Cosmo in hand and Hercules and Love Affair on my MP3 player.



1. Sesa - February 22, 2010

Merrilee, sorry to hear you can’t run for a while. I’ve been battling shin splints and have taken time off, so I know how frustrating not running is!

Get well soon — Sesa

2. Merrilee - February 22, 2010

Thanks, Sesa. I’ve been enjoying your blog, and have been right there with you! I’m glad your shins seem to be treating you well enough. Hope to see you at the lake soon!

3. Penelope Bullock - February 23, 2010

I’m sorry about your discomfort and wish you a speedy recovery. I had a nasty case of planchar fasciitis and took 6 months off from running. I had a renewed appreciation for my feet when I came back. XO

4. Len Goldman - February 26, 2010


Sorry to hear that, I hope you are back on your feet and running soon. There is always the Tilden Tough Ten, May 16, or as you mention the 4th Sunday races. Anyhow, I enjoyed meeting you and I know how determined you are and we will see you soon.


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