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Progress report February 13, 2010

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This is becoming more a blog about not running than it is about running. I hope that talking about what’s been going on to me will at least resonate with those who have had injuries or may provide interesting perspective to those who have not (yet).

My knee is better, but the last time I tried running (2.5 miles on Sunday) it seriously ached for days. I’ve stayed off it since then, and did a little running on the treadmill yesterday. By a little, I meanI ran for one minute and walked for one minute for 10 minutes. So far, it feels okay, but I’m not joining in the club run this morning. I’m beginning to question if I’ll be able to run in the half marathon at all, although I haven’t quite given up all hope yet.

My physical therapy sessions have been useful and informative. I’ve learned that I need to be stretching my hamstrings regularly, and also that I need to do knee extensions, and also hamstring curls and shallow squats. The knee extensions are not full 45 degree extensions, but more like 20-30 degree extensions, to work the muscle immediately above my knee and on the inside of my leg. It’s interesting, when I do a bunch of these my knee feels better (and the physical therapist said this helps my knee to “track” better). As a runner, I should also be doing adductors and also calf raises. I hate doing hamstring curls, but the physical therapist encouraged me to go ahead and do them (and in fact any weight training) at low weight/high reps. He said it’s better to be working them regularly than to skip them, which makes sense. All of the weight training is important for the continued health of my “crunchy” knees — the muscle helps to get the pressure off of the joint and the cartilage.

Another thing that I’ve learned, or been reminded of, is that ice is your friend. Seriously. The idea of ice is unappealing, especially in the winter, but once you are over the shock, it really feels great.

I have been doing lots of recumbent biking, which used to hurt and doesn’t any more. This is good! I may take a gentle run in the neighborhood today if my knee continues to feel good today.



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