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S**t my daughter says February 2, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in Family.

There is a popular Twitter account, shitmydadsays. It’s pretty funny. Coming at it from the other end of the generational gap, Karydis at age three says some pretty funny things. I have been a complete failure at recording milestones and cute sayings in any way, but maybe I can blog them.

First there are the alternate names for Pixar movies:

“Race Cars” = Cars. “Circus Bugs” = Bugs Life. “Up Up Up” = Up

Karydis loves to be carried around. So much so that’s she’s abbreviated “please pick me up” to “care” (I assume this is short for carry). This will be said with outstretched arms and a very pathetic look. Since I’ve hurt my knee, I’ve done a lot less “care”ing. I’ve discovered she can in fact walk on her own.

We are still working on potty training. Despite showing some early promise in this area, Karydis has not been in as much of a hurry to progress as I am (hey, I’m an environmentalist and all these diapers bug me!). She doesn’t pee, she “peeps.” I can’t bring myself to correct her.



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