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Back to life? February 2, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in Annoyance, LMJS.

I had my appointment with my physical therapist today. Nothing is wrong — no obvious swelling or pain (even when she poked and prodded). I had electric stimulation treatment, which meant lying on my back and “relaxing” (which was surprisingly hard for someone who loves to take napes on the weekend). She approved me for recumbent biking at the gym tomorrow and showed my how to tape my knees. I’m hoping she’ll say I can get back to running soon.

She also remarked that my knees are “crunchy.” Whatever that means. It’s clear it’s not good.



1. Jerome McDonough - February 2, 2010

The technical term for ‘crunchy’ is crepitus; Google can provide you with all sorts of helpful information if you search on that term. It’s usually produced by damage to the patella resulting in parts of your knee grinding against each other when the knee flexes. The damage can arise from any of a number of causes: traffic accidents that send your knees into the dashboard, congenital misalignment of the knee that causes the patella to rub on the lower femur, overuse from sports, and damage from inflammation processes like osteo- or rheumatoid arthritis (guess how I know all about this). Apparently for runners, insuring that you stretch properly and make sure that the connecting muscles and tendons are loose and limber is key to minimizing further damage. Any forces which move your patella laterally while running are bad. See http://www.running4women.com/health.php?article_id=27 for all the medical detail.

Merrilee - February 2, 2010

Thanks, Jerry. I did some surfing last night and came up with similar information. I have been doing some things right (like strengthening my quads) and some things wrong not stretching enough. I’ve been very good about icing and doing the ibuprofen. The thing that seems to annoy it the most is going down stairs. I’m hoping that running 13 miles over a flat course in two months is not out of the question!

2. Jerome McDonough - February 3, 2010

Good news is that inflammation from exercise often seems to respond pretty well to treatment, so hopefully you will be out there running your insane amounts of distance without any problem.

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