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It never rains in California? January 22, 2010

Posted by Merrilee in LMJS.

It’s true that we have an abbreviated rainy season in California. It typically rains between October and April, with perhaps a few showers in between. For the last several years, we’ve had less than average rainfall (and are perhaps establishing a new definition for average with global climate change). Rain is inconvenient, particularly when you have to run 13 miles during the work weeks.

I try to take the positive view. Belonging to a CSA has made me acutely aware of the need for water to support agriculture, particularly small farms. I try (try) not to think of rain as a nuisence but as a welcome necessity. And I don’t mind running in a little rain. What I really dont’ mind is going out, getting warmed up and then getting a little rain sprinkled on me. What I do mind is running and getting drenched, running through puddles and the mini rivers that dot my neighborhood, and running in conditions where drivers are not at their best.

This week was somewhat of a trial. On Monday I foolishly decided I would need to run on a treadmill, and dressed in cotton, went out and ran errands. While out, I decided it looked like it wouldn’t rain for a while, and I could take a chance on running outside. Except, I wasn’t sure it wouldn’t rain. And then there’s the darned cotton (I really need to get rid of it all). So I went to the gym and spent an agonizing amount of time on the treadmill. I had forgotten my headphones so there was no distraction. I did speedwork to make the miles go by faster. I did more speedwork. By the end I was practically sprinting to get through it. I openly stared at the other people in the gym. I’m sorry, I thought, but you are my only entertainment. Wait, don’t leave! How about a few more reps! The whole time I was noticing how it was not raining outside.

On Tuesday, I caught a break. I work on the 5th floor in a building in San Mateo, and our windows face the moutains, so I can get a good idea when there will be a break in the rain. The break came, and I took it.

I didn’t get so lucky on Thursday. I hopefully watched weather radar online. My skills as an amateur meteorologist are coming along and there was no break in sight. I reluctantly went to the gym AGAIN and trudged through my workout, this time with my music which was a great improvement, but I still kept picking up the pace.

Tomorrow is my long run for the week, with LMJS (rain or shine) and I’m not proud to say that I am grateful for the apparent break in the weather. Except I may have screwed up my knee. More on that breaking news later.



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