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Where’s the beef and WTF? April 30, 2009

Posted by Merrilee in Annoyance.

So, I was working at home today, having back-to-back phone calls from 8:00 am until around 1:30. At around 12:30, the dog alarm goes off. “Barkity barkity bark, someone’s coming.”  I look up to see a guy come up the deck, knock on the door. I think I even saw him check the door knob which was really weird. Clearly he wasn’t going away, and the dog was going nuts, so I finally answered the door.Thank god my headset was on mute.

I told him (brandishing the phone at him) that I was on a phone call. He then proceeded to try to sell me …. beef. “Like you buy at Costco,” he said. I told him I was a vegetarian, and he said, “do you eat chicken.” I could tell we were going to proceed down the food chain until we got to something he could sell me, so I repeated, on a phone call, not a good time. He left me, my barking dog and my phone.

This left me wondering. How much of this do I miss going to work every day? Maybe selling door to door beef (to vegitarians) is a real growth industry. And what’s up with checking the door knob? Did I imagine that? Completely weird.



1. Jerome McDonough - April 30, 2009

There’s more door-to-door stuff than you might think, and your neighborhood would be a particularly attractive one for people raising money for certain political advocacy groups and some vendors. Rich, east bay liberals would have been ripe territory for me when I was raising money for an environmental group.

But one thing working as a canvasser taught me is that serious groups/vendors give their staff detailed guidelines on what to do and what not to do when going door-to-door, and trying to open a door when you haven’t been explicitly invited to is one of the big no-nos. It can lead people to think you’re casing their house.

Which, he might well have been. If you’ve got a sense that there was something not right about the guy, you could be right. If he checked the door without knowing you were in there, that’s definitely suspicious enough to warrant a call to to the local police to have him checked out. If he’s legit, he’ll have a vendor license on him; we always had to have a canvasser license with us when we went out. If he doesn’t have one, he and the police can have a nice chat. 🙂

2. Anne Johnson - November 14, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Omg, I think this is so funny. =D That’s quite interesting though. I mean, there really isn’t any form of door-to-door sellage, besides Jehovah Witnesses I guess, here in the big Apple so, I find this incredibly weird. And, meat? Out of all things to sell…meat? Very strange….yet highly entertaining. =D

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