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Talk like a pirate April 16, 2009

Posted by Merrilee in Family.

Karydis has a duck towel (thanks, Mom!) that she likes to wear after bathtime. It has a duck bill on the hood (and she has to have the hood up when she wears it).

Tonight, sitting on the couch, she pulled the bill over one eye and said, “Arrr. I’m a pirate.”

Where does she get this stuff? She’s in daycare with three other kids. Two of them don’t talk. The other one is on vacation this week.



1. Jerome McDonough - April 16, 2009

Look in the mirror, ducks. Look in the mirror. 🙂

2. zoliemae - April 16, 2009


3. zoliemae - April 16, 2009

come play at the shop tonight in the snail. I’ll be there after 6:15

4. Robin Wendler - April 16, 2009

If she doesn’t already have it, she needs “How I Became A Pirate” by David Shannon. Seriously.

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