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The taste of victory January 28, 2009

Posted by Merrilee in Uncategorized.

Tonight, I was rummaging around in the fridge I found a bottle of champagne, open for a week, but closed with one of those magic champagne stoppers. To our surprise, the bubbles were still there (faintly) and the wine was still delicious. We had opened the bottle a week ago tonight, when we had friends over to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Early on, we had had ideas about flying, or even driving, to Washington, to be in town for this historic occasion.  Over time our (my, really) drive faded, and we decided to stay at home and enjoy the celebration in our own community. We considered joining other public celebrations, and ultimately decided to have a few friends over (invitations were issued at the last minute, a testimonial to the people who were able to come over). We had appetizers and much drink, including the champagne. We watched an inauguration photo set on Flickr, and watched the pre-inauguration concerts online — both a testament to the democratic powers of the internet.

Now, a week in, the bubbles are slightly little less evervescent, but the taste of victory — and the memory of an evening spent with friend — is just as sweet.



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