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I mad January 13, 2009

Posted by Merrilee in Family.

I’ve been trying to teach Karydis the some social niceties, which she seems unaware of as a toddler. We’ve been drilling name and age. She’s good with name. “What’s your name?” “Name’s Karydis!” she shoots right back. Age is a little harder.”

“How old are you,” I ask. “Name’s Karydis,” she replies.

“Hi, Karydis, are you two years old?” “No, name’s Karydis.”

We did some back and forth this evening until she sat down on the floor and crossed her arms and pouted (where does she get this stuff?). “I mad,” she said. “Why are you mad?” I asked. “I mad,” she repeated. “Because I asked if you are two years old?” I inquired. “I not two years old, I KARYDIS.”

I pointed out that her friends Zolie and Ava are also two, but she’s not buying it. I guess it’s not polite to ask a girl about her age.



1. Consuella Banana Hammock - January 13, 2009

mine usually says “i’m mad at you” accompanied by a grimace and clenched fists. but then again he is a boy and he is three. so much to look forward to!

2. Dave Bullock - January 13, 2009

That is so cute! Hahah… this requires video!

3. Kristen Proffitt - January 18, 2009

Hilarious, Merrilee!

Maybe she can do better if you ask her how many birthdays she’s had. Don’t mess with the “I am” identity just yet!

Love, Your Mother

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