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Life as an Android January 1, 2009

Posted by Merrilee in Uncategorized.

No, I have not turned into a robot (not yet, anyhow). I got a new phone.

I have long been a fan of the “smart” phone. I had a Kyocera Palm phone many years ago, and moved on to a Treo Palm 600 about 3 years ago. I have always loved the idea of carrying one device that would not only have phone numbers, but also addresses, and other applications and functionality that would allow me to make notes, take photos, and generally make my life easier. I have never fully integrated my cell-device into work, but have appreciated the level of organization that a “more than a phone” has added to my personal life.

Earlier this month, the trusty Treo seemed to be going toes up. I’ve had really good luck with the battery, and although many friends had thrown their Treos under the bus due to flakiness, I had never had any problems. Then, all at once, the phone started crashing repeatedly and the battery wouldn’t last a full day. Of course, this all happened when I was on a 12 day trip, so  by the time I returned, I was determined to get a new phone (never mind that once I was back in California, my phone seemed to mend its evil ways).

I was on the fence between the iPhone and the TMobile G1 (the first phone to use the Google Android platform). I ultimately decided on the G1 because the TMobile data plan was a little more affordable and because I didn’t want to be another kid on the block with an iPhone. Since we decided to continue sharing a calling plan, Keith needed a new phone as well, so I dispatched him to the TMobile store. Low and behold, he came home with a G1! (Which maybe means that the iPhone would have been okay for us, since I think you can share a single data plan with AT&T).

The reviews for the G1 left me thinking I’d long for an iPhone, but so far, I like the phone. There are a handful of things that strike me as non-intuitive, and there doesn’t seem to be a good way to watch video that is not on YouTube, but all in all, I enjoy the phone and think it’s both slick and loveable.



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