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Happy holidays! December 25, 2008

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I am an unabashed fan of the holiday season which I define as stretching from Thanksgiving to New Years. Here in the Proffison household, we enjoy celebrating through a wide variety of activities. Here’s a list of some we’ve attended.

Tree Lighting at Jack London Sqaure (November 28th): this was quite a festive occassion, which featured a choir sing-off, and Oakland’s not-so-fabulous mayor pulling a switch that lit an enourmous tree. There were a lot of merchants in booths selling a variety of crafts and other items. Lots of fun.

Zoolights (December 5 – January 4): Keith and Karydis did this while I was out of town, but there’s still time to go again! The Oakland Zoo, festooned with lights (no animals — they are in their nighttime homes).

Tilden Carousel Fantasy (November 28th – December 23rd): We went on Sunday with Jon, Kyrsten, and Zolie. I am a sucker for carousels, so this was mostly for me. The surrounding area was quite garishly tricked out with lights and a whole array of moving items, but the carousel was quite festively lit and I loved the atmosphere (once the crowds thinned out).

Things I wished we’d done, but we were either out of town, or too busy:

Dunsmuir Christmas: The Dunsmuir House is a Victorian mansion in the Oakland hills and I’ve never gone to visit it. Apparently, it’s quite decked out for the holidays.

Alameda Lights Parade: Boats with lights. We used to watch something like this in Long Beach? Newport Beach? when I was a kid. Would love to see this. Next year!

Montclair holiday stroll: despite this being right in the neighborhood, I’ve managed to never go. On the list.

Today is Christmas Day. We spent a lovely and relaxing evening with Jon, Kyrsten, Zolie and others last night, and today we are looking forward to dinner with Mike, Joci, Amy and Elizabeth! We are putting off opening presents until tomorrow whenwe can include Anne, who arrives late tonight. With no cooking to do, no wrapping and boxes to clean up, it’s a real day of rest for us.

We hope you are enjoying your holiday season, and have been active or relaxed, as you prefer. We wish you all the best for a joyful, peaceful, and prosperous 2009.



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