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Nutty, part 2 November 26, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Environment.

So in the first Nutty posting, I mentioned that the bikemobile is a little stable when empty? Okay, that’s important here.

With the forecast for possible rain and 100% for increasing lines, I decided to head out this morning on the second part of my shopping by bike adventure. I was working from home today, and since I only had one phone meeting, I decided to take a break at mid morning and head out.

With no child, and no eggs in the trailer, I was riding a bit aggressively (taking corners sharply, traveling at speed, not caring if the trailer hit a pothole or two). As I got onto the bike path at Lake Temescal, I must have hit the curb, because shortly after that the trailer flipped over. Unfortunately, there are a couple of poles at the beginning of the bike trails, so the trailer lodged itself on one of the poles, and I came to a very sudden stop (just after I realized that something had gone wrong with the trailer). Also unfortunately, there was a woman out walking her dog who happened to witness what looked like a very spectacular accident involving a child. I realized this and hopped off my bike as quickly as possible and told her “no child, no child,” as she was sprinting towards me. I felt like a complete idiot. After I righted myself, the bike, and the trailer, I realized that I had somehow injured my calf (probably on my pedal as I got off the bike or as I came to an immediate stop). I’ll have a decent bruise to remind me for my stupidity for a while.

I managed to do the remaining marketing — cranberries, fennel, carrots, chicken — in pretty short order. I was glad I went at that time because the meat store, Ver Bregge, was a complete zoo, even in the middle of the day. I secured my organic free range extra large whole chicken and went home with no additional drama. This trip was similar to the last one, in terms of elevation gain and loss, and just over nine miles.

Hopefully I have managed to complete my Thanksgiving shopping via bike. I usually realize at the last minute that I am missing some critical ingrediant, but because I was shopping on the bike, I tried to be extra diligant about list making and list checking. We’ll see. I’m thankful that I learned that the bike trailer can tip over without anything (or anyone) in it, that’s for sure.



1. Dave Bullock - November 26, 2008

Merrilee you are hard core! Glad you escaped that relatively unscathed! Hope your calf feels better.

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