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Nutty, part 1 November 23, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Environment.

Today I did most of the shopping via bike. It went better than I thought!

I set out on the bikemobile without the child for the first time. The empty trailer bounces around a bit, but it wasn’t too bad, and I was able to ride more aggressively than I usually do with Karydis in the trailer. A woman passed me on the bike path and commented that the trailer was empty, and when I told her it would be soon filled with groceries she seemed moderately impressed.

First stop was Trader Joe’s on College Avenue, where I did our weekly shopping and also picked up some items for Thursday’s dinner. Every time I put something in my cart, I thought, “I am going to have to haul that back home!” I was particularly concerned about the fate of a small carton of eggs — the roads around here are full of large and small potholes as well as speed bumps. I was amazed at how uncrowded the store was, and I soon had my shopping done and was ready to head back to Montclair.

Since the groceries weighed quite a bit more than our small daughter, I was concerned about riding up hill back toward Montclair, but it really was not much of an issue. Like a good backpacker, I packed all of the really heavy stuff at the bottom of the trailer, lighter stuff on top and found what I hoped was a good spot for the eggs.

Keith and Karydis met me at our farmers market in Montclair Village and we picked up a few items there. I was disappointed not to see any good carrots available, and forgot fennel, and of course no cranberries in sight, so those go on the list of items I still need to pick up.

In the interest of doing shopping by bike, I decided to forgo a trip to my favorite cheese store in the entire world, the Cheese Board in Berkeley. Instead, we purchased cheese from a new shop in Montclair Village, Farmstead. This store opened a few months ago, but we hadn’t visited yet due to an effort to cut down on regular cheese consumption in the Proffison household. Although it’s not the Cheese Board, it is a very decent local shop with great selection of cheese and wine. (We also noted with interest that a somthing that looks like pub will be opening where Royal Coffee used to be — we have long noted the lack of a good pub in Montclair Village).

When I arrived home, the eggs were in good shape. I was stressed about them pretty much the whole time I was riding around, and cringed every time I went over uneven pavement.

So, according to the Gmap Pedometer, just under 10 miles, around 700 feet elevation gain and loss. Not bad for hitting three stores.

On Tuesday, I’ll be hitting the butcher and picking up my missing produce. Hopefully via bike.



1. Dave Bullock - November 24, 2008

Ok so when that women passed you on the bike path and told you your trailer was empty you should have been all “OMG OH NOEZ WTF HELP!”

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