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Nutty ambition November 22, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Environment.

While riding to the library on the bikemobile, I had a crazy idea. I think I am going to try to do all the marketing for Thanksgiving using the bikemobile.

Our Thanksgiving ambitions are pretty modest — we do dinner and all the fixings (including a cheese course as an appetizer), Mary and Henry bring the wine and dessert. I’m making a chicken this year, in defference to the small size of our group (and to do something different). Even so, my list calls for shopping at three or four different shops depending on how much I can get at the farmers market tomorrow. Trader Joes, the butcher, the farmers market, and possibly an additional run to buy produce and / or cheese. That’s a lot of driving and parking. Taking the bikemobile will certainly make me more aware of the transportation issues and will eliminate hated parking stress.

I’ll report back on the experiment.



1. Penelope Bullock - November 23, 2008

Actually this sounds like a great idea. Don’t mind the cooking/preparation as I mind buying food for 16.

2. Dave Bullock - November 23, 2008

If you pull this off on your bikemobile you rock. Even trying to pull it off is awesome. This would not work for us in LA, everything is just too far away! Actually now that I think about it, everything is probably just as far for you if not further. Yeah…. you rock.

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