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Time keeps on slipping… November 21, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Family.

I know there are four readers of this blog, and I feel guilty each and every day for not updating you on our activities. There has been a lot going on in the Proffison household.

There was Halloween, and we bought pumpkins. I made costumes. More on that soon.

The election consumed quite a bit of attention early in the month. I nearly developed a repetitive motion injury reloading fivethirtyeight.com. I made more phone calls. And I felt good about the election for about five minutes, until I realized that Prop 8 in California went the wrong way.

Karydis turned 2. We had a party. Many people had fun. I discovered in the middle of the party that I was coming down with a cold, and slept the rest of the weekend.

Since then it’s been more non stop fun. We were advised by the pediatrician to get rid of her bottle. This resulted in tears for about five minutes — surprising considering how attached she seemed. We also decided to get rid of the pacifier, (except for bedtime) because the pacifier was becoming a downright obsession. This was considerably more dramatic than giving up the bottle, but after a few days of tantrums, we seem to be past the worst of it.

About two weeks ago, Karydis decided to start getting out of her crib, on her own. The fact that she’s just 31 inches tall proved no barrier. She would nicely go over the edge, then knock on her door to be let out. And since there was no reasonable way for her to get back into her crib, we would spend a lot of time returning her to her crib. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

On Sunday we installed a toddler bed. I was proud of our purchase because we found it on Criagslist — I am a big fan of not buying a new thing when a used thing will do. Second hand purchases appeals to both the thrifty and environmental sides of me. Then I went to Ikea and spent money on new sheet, matching pillows, a matching bedroom light and other stuff we didn’t necessarily need, indulging in my often-burried consumer side.

Karydis still spends a good deal of time knocking on her door but now she can at least get back into bed on her own. We’ll report back when she can open the door.



1. Dave Bullock - November 21, 2008

How cute! She’s a little climber!

Also I still refresh fivethirtyeight once or twice a day… addiction!

2. alicia - November 24, 2008

i suppose i make reader #5!!! i too *heart* craigslist. i purchased all of my baby furniture off craigslist. your dollar goes a longer way too!

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