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…and I approve this message October 1, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Family.

We don’t have a TV. We don’t listen to commercial radio. The only political ads I see or hear are ones that are covered in NPR/PRI news programming (we are huge public radio junkies). We don’t live in a “swing” state, so even if we did have TV, I might not see a lot of political ads.

Even so, they have somehow infiltrated my house.

My daughter (who won’t be able to vote for another 193 months) keeps wandering around the house muttering “John McCain.” This is one of her new charming phrases, along with “don’t push me,” “it’s my turn,” and something that sounds a lot like “shut up.” (And, for the record, when I pick her up to change her diaper, I am not pushing her.)

The only thing I can think of is that she must hear John McCain’s name about a zillion times every day on the radio. Since we just finished about 18 weeks of pledge for our station, I’m surprised she isn’t also saying “call 1-800-YES-8850,” or spouting the many virtues various pledge gifts, like the KQED messenger bag, or the Brain Fitness Gym. For that matter, I don’t know why she doesn’t know Henry Paulson’s name — he’s been pretty popular around here. Or Barack Obama. With all the favors bestowed on the Obama by the liberal media, you would think she’d be saying his name. But no, she’s a John McCain girl. Which is puzzling, because Obama is supposed to appeal to the young voters. Since I don’t even know what generation she is (sub Millennial, I presume), I don’t know what demographic she’s part of. Maybe McCain bridges the gap between the Pampers generation and those that wear Depends. I have no idea.

If the Obama campaign is looking for spokespeople, maybe they should consider training toddlers in the final run up to this neverending election. Or maybe there is a toddler in a household in Utah that’s glued to Fox News trying to figure out why their child is hooked on Barack Obama….



1. photogrrrl - October 1, 2008


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