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Tick tock… August 17, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Burning Man, Projects.

I am getting to the place I get every year. “This project is not going to get finished.” “I just don’t want to go, I can’t have any fun after being this stressed.” “I am too short of sleep now, and I can’t get caught up on the playa.” (This is especially true with a toddler who wakes up at 6 am bright eyed and ready to go — no matter how late Mommy was up.) I have also had a bad cold, so this compounds my negative view of things.

Keith repeatedly reassures me that the pumpkin will be done, and will get loaded into a trailer next weekend. It seems to me that we are getting further and further behind schedule.

However, there has been progress since my last posting.

The photo below shows the front end, including the steering motor which has all been assembled (however, it has not been attached to the frame yet)

The photo below shows a seat from a Jeep that I found on Craigslist. I was happy to find something to re purpose, rather than buying new. The seat will need to be positioned much higher. More fabrication….

We spent a few hours on Thursday night making a full sized mock up of the ribs (there will be five of these, made out of pipe). Here’s Keith, holding the mock up in place. From this, you get a sense of how tall the vehicle will be. The ribs still need to be bent and attached via brackets, since this all has to come apart to be loaded into a trailer.

I’m going to swing by the shop this evening to take more photos.



1. Dave Bullock - August 18, 2008

Man that thing looks awesome!

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