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Snail Ale August 17, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Burning Man.

Every year (since 2003?) we’ve made 10 gallons of beer for Burning Man. It’s a nice thing to share with people in camp, and I really enjoy the process of making the beer. I am fortunate that my friend Mark is such an excellent and expert beer maker, and that he has been willing to share him time and equipment on an annual basis for several years in a row. Actually, part of why I enjoy brewing so much is that I just kind of show up and Mark expertly sets about “helping me” (which means he does all the work). Thanks, Mark!

This year, I have called the beer Snail Ale, in honor of Jon and Kyrsten’s amazing snail art car, the Golden Mean.

Heres Keith decanting the beer into the soda kegs.

Here's Keith decanting the beer into the soda kegs.

Mmmm. Snail Ale!

Mmmm. Snail Ale!

We had a taste during decanting, and my prediction is, it will be pretty good! We always try to aim for something that is both light and hoppy. I think this hits the mark.



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