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I can’t believe… July 21, 2008

Posted by Merrilee in Burning Man.

In the not-to-be believed category…

1. I’m starting a new blog. Don’t I do enough of this at work?

2. We’re building a new artcar for Burning Man.

Actually, “we” are not building an art car, Keith is. I am providing backup support, which means herding Karydis and blogging (actually, I will be doing other stuff too, but that’s another story).

“The Great Pumpkin” came about because we need something other than our beloved cupcakes (at least until Karydis gets big enough for her own), and because, well, it was time to do something different. With less than 5 weeks to the main event, this is starting to seem like insanity. I’ve started documenting the vehicle progress with a new set over at Flickr, which I’ll add to in the coming weeks.

The vehicle is all electric (including the steering, which will be done via a PC racing wheel), and is largely built from scratch.

Here’s a photo of Keith and the steering motor.



1. Dave Bullock - July 23, 2008

Awesome project, looks like fun!

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